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Managed Dissolution/Divorce and Clean Break

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Managed Civil Partnership Dissolution/Divorce and Clean Break

It has always been the centre of furor as soon same sex weddings became legal in some parts of the world. But what followed was the need for a way out for couples who wanted different things. The dissolution and civil partnership dissolution in particular has been legal in the UK for almost a decade now, whilst the introduction of same sex divorce proceedings has been part of the legislation in England and Wales since 2014. While separation is already an emotional trauma, the stress of thinking about the process to get dissolution can be equally hard. This is where we come in. We make sure that your dissolution or divorce is not complex or expensive. We will take care of everything for you when it comes to civil dissolution and divorce.

First, let us break down the process to you. The way to file a legal petition for the dissolution of Civil partnership dissolution is quite similar to a heterosexual couple filing for a divorce. The only grounds that are allowed is that the partnership/marriage has broken down irretrievably. In order to file a petition for civil dissolution under these grounds, the petitioner can cite one of the following reasons –

  • The other half of the relationship acted unreasonably.
  • The couple has lived separately for at least two years and they both mutually want the dissolution.
  • If the couple has lived apart for 5 years or more.
  • If the respondent has deserted the petitioner.

If you have reason to claim any of the above, we can help you dissolve your civil partnership. We offer you the dissolution of the civil partnership along with a financial clean break at a fixed fee of £350. Our team has dealt with hundreds of Civil Partnership Dissolution and divorce cases and we can help you in this troubled period of your life. We always strive to make the whole process as simply as possible.

Our fee includes the following –

  • When you come to us first, we will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire to know your personal details and our instructions on what you want from the dissolution.
  • We will then email you a confirmation of your terms and also send you a clean break consent form. If you are okay with it, we will proceed.
  • We will send you a complete draft petition. If you want any changes, we can still do it for you until you think it is perfect.
  • We will then issue the petition to the court along all the documentation that is needed. Only the court fee is not included in the price we have quoted.
  • We will also send a letter to the respondent confirming the petition.
  • We will send all documentation to you only through First class post to avoid any hassles.
  • Finally, we will email you the application for Decree Nisi and file it in court.
  • The last step is to complete and lodge a clean break consent order. This will describe the financial arrangement and also division of all assets. We will file this in court for you and that completes the whole process.

The whole Civil Partnership Dissolution procedure might sound scary or even confusing to you now, but we are here to help you navigate through this most difficult period of life. If you order our services for just £350 (inclusive of VAT), we will also help you with a free last will and a testament.

If you are wondering to know more about the process or your eligibility for a Civil Partnership Dissolution, feel free to call us on 0345 257 0406. You can also fill out the contact us section and we will call you back and answer any questions you have for us.

Order Now for £350 (inc VAT) – includes a Free Last Will and Testament



Remember – we are here to help you …

If you are unsure of your eligibility to file for dissolution then please call us on freephone 0800 612 9318 or fill in our Contact Us Form and we will be happy to call you back to answer all your urgent questions.

Please also look at our Guide to Dissolution .


If you are unsure of your eligibility to file for dissolution the please call us on freephone 0345 257 0406 or fill in our Contact Us Form and we will be happy to call you back to answer all your urgent questions.

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We know and understand that Civil Partnership Dissolution is a traumatic and stressful time for both partners but formal dissolution does not have to be a long, difficult and expensive process.From December 2006,gay/same sex couples were given legal rights to file a petition for the dissolution of a Civil Partnership.
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