Offering a low price, fixed fee dissolution service


Divorce lawyers in Liverpool back financial backing for collaborative law

Calls for couples who use ‘collaborative’ divorce lawyers to benefit from legal aid are being supported by divorce solicitors in Liverpool. Research has shown that as many as 85% of divorce cases that handled with collaborative law are resolved much faster, and more importantly, cheaper, than any other form of divorce.

However, couples who use collaborative law have so far not been able to claim legal aid as the Legal Services Commission has refused to allow it to qualify.

The president of Resolution, a body that represents divorce lawyers and family lawyers, Godfrey Freeman, stated:

We’re very keen on it as a process. Resolution felt that it was another alternative to going to court.

Collaborative divorce cases feature negotiations held openly and frankly around a table, after both parties have agreed to a peaceful collaboration.

Godfrey Freeman did highlight that collaborative divorce wasn’t the answer to everyone’s problems, but it has a high success rate.

I’m not saying this is a ‘solve all’ thing by any means, but we would look at what’s best for the individual clients and for a good number of people this has proved a success.

But, at the moment, we can only deal with it on a fee-paying basis. We’ve been in negotiations with the LSC to persuade them that it would be a money saver all round.

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