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Divorce texts and emails are becoming more popular

There are many ways to tell your wife that you want a divorce, but traditionally doing it with a text or an email isn’t the best way to do it. However, in India it’s not only becoming a more common way of telling your wife that you want a divorce, but of actually making the divorce.

It seems that Muslim men are using text messages and emails more and more to tell their wives that they’re getting divorced, as simply notifying your wife that you want a divorce is sufficient to make it legal.

Sahiba Hussain conducted research into Marriage and divorce with Muslim women, and discovered that many men are using SMS and email systems to announce their divorce.

From 15 divorces that we looked at in 2008, eight were pronounced via SMS, e-mail and over the phone.

Five divorce declarations were given face to face but amongst these also, only in one case a witness present when the declaration was made.

The All-India Muslim Women Personal Law Board made a decree that forbid men from announcing their divorces by electronic means, however it doesn’t seem to have worked.

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