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Man going through divorce drugged and murdered his children

Father of two, Brian Philcox, drugged his two young children last June on Father’s Day, before killing them and himself in the backseat of his car in Wales. The two young children, seven-year-old Amy and three-year-old Owen, wouldn’t have known what was happening as their car filled with exhaust fumes, according to the coroner, and inquest heard this week.

The inquest ruled that the deaths of the two children were unlawful, and that Brian Philcox took his own life.

It was believed that Brian took the decision to kill himself and his children after he became depressed through the divorce from his wife, and the children’s mother, Lyn.

Brian picked the children up on Father’s Day, and they greeted him with home-made Father’s Day cards. The children’s mother, thirty-eight-year-old Lyn McAuliffe, described her ex-husband as:

Cold blooded, pre-meditated killer

I will never forgive him for taking the beautiful lives of Amy and Owen.

When Brian failed to return the children on time, he sent a text message to his wife stating:

There is nothing I can do. It is out of my control. I am sorry.

Lyn McAuliffe believed he was referring to his car, and that he was unable to bring the children back due to car trouble.

John Gittins, the coroner at the inquest, stated:

When he took Amy and Owen from you, I am sure that his intention was that they would be lost to you for ever.

But he failed because their lives are imprinted on your heart. They will endure and be part of your for every single moment of the rest of your life.

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