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Many couples try counselling as last resort to divorce

There’s no denying it now; the UK is in the grip of recession. People are losing their jobs, companies are tightening their belts and consumer spending at one of the lowest ebbs it has ever been. However, as grim as everything seems on the economic front, the institution of marriage looks to be benefiting from the grim economy.

Many couples are trying anything to avoid the expense of divorce, which would ultimately lead to selling off any matrimonial home for less than it was bought for, and are even trying to make marriages work. In a bid to avoid the cost of divorce, couples are looking to counselling and marriage guidance in record numbers.

It’s a far cry from the recent ideology of getting divorced at the drop of a hat, which seems to have become commonplace on modern times.

Guidance and support charity Relate has seen increased requests for help in as many as 66% of their centres throughout the UK. In an ironic twist however, couples who are seeking counselling to save their marriage, and avoid the expense of divorce, are also finding it difficult to pay for their counselling in the first place.

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