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Record breaking divorce settlement withdrawn at the last minute

The potential British record for a divorce settlement was narrowly avoided when it was withdrawn at the eleventh hour by the wife. Jeweller Laurence Graff looked set to have to pay out a staggering £1 billion to his wife Anne Marie, after their marriage of forty-seven years came to an end; however the settlement was withdrawn in a cloud of mystery.

The figure would have easily set a new British record for a divorce settlement, with the current record set at just £48 million. It is rumoured that the couple have reconciled their marriage.

A statement was released on behalf of the billionaire jeweller stating that he and his wife didn’t intend to divorce. Graff started life as a cleaner in London, but has risen to become the 31st richest man in the world.

The statement from Graff stated:

Mr and Mrs Graff deny that they are, or have any intention of, getting divorced.

According to his spokesman, the fact that the case had been listed was an error. A spokesman for the court disagreed however and said that the case was listed, but removed at the last minute due to judicial discretion.

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